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Manage your projects and your talent in a single system, resulting in empowered teams, satisfied clients, and increased profitability.

  • Keep a track of all your projects in most simple way.
  • Assign tasks to project members and track the status.
  • Add members to your projects and keep them in sync with the progress.


Analyse Your Workflow

Reports section to analyse what's working and what's not for your business

  • It Shows how much you earned and how much you spent.
  • Tiket report shows you Open vs Closed tickets.
  • It creates task report to track completed vs pending tasks.

Manage your support tickets efficiently

Whether someone's internet is not working, someone is facing issue with housekeeping or need something regarding their work they can raise a ticket for all their problems.

  • Admin can assign the tickets to respective department agents.


What Tsoka products can do for you.

Financial Services

Supercharge advisor productivity and engage clients via smart alerts and proactive services, so you can build deeper relationships, and grow your list of clients faster.


Connect policyholder info across multiple channels and lines of business, while delivering a single customer experience for case management, sales, claims and service.

Health Cloud

Streamline care coordination with smarter patient management, and collaborate across the entire care network in real time. Empower patients to actively manage every aspect of their health, delivering higher patient satisfaction.

Life Science

Take advantage of the shift in the commercial model by delivering exceptional provider engagement on all channels. Become more patient-centric with 1-to-1, proactive services. And transform clinical trial processes with real-time collaboration.


Shoppers demand a seamless customer experience. Stores are being reimagined as showrooms, fulfilment centres and experience hubs. New entrants are innovating every step of the shopper journey. Retailers of all sizes must change or be changed.


Make each interaction for inquire-to-order and field service operations a personalised experience. Enable 24/7 customer-centred collaboration across the ecosystem. And unleash the next wave of service innovation powered by connected product data.


Tsoka  Work gives communications employees fast access to complete customer information, so they can deliver best-in-class engagements and meaningful experiences across sales, service and marketing.


Respond to over-the-top disruption with 1-to-1 consumer engagement. Easily monetise relationships with a simplified subscription experience and a supercharged ad sales journey. And innovate around engagement faster than ever.


Expert Automated Analysis Solutions For Your Mining Processes. On-line Systems To Improve Yield And Reduce Waste. Tsoka Solutions. Optimize Your Processes.

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